Pure XL - 6.5L SFX Chassis


Limp Gawd
Jan 16, 2016
Hello fellow members. I'd like to introduce the next case to the PURE family of cases. The specs are as follows:

  • Mini-ITX motherboard
  • 175mm Dual Slot, Max 25mm over ref. height (including power connector) GPU
  • SFX power supply support, External HDPLEX 400 AC-DC support,
  • C6 power entry, 12mm power entry
  • Max 70mm CPU cooler with SFX PSU
  • 2X 80/92mm fan (clearance varies) case fan
  • Mounting for 120/140mm when single slot GPU is used
  • Powder coated in all matte black, or two tone black + white
  • Made in USA, from 1.6mm aluminum
  • Ships from USA




-70mm cpu cooler
-Dual slot ITX GPU
-SFX option
-fan mount options for airflow
Ticks all my boxes!

As crazy as it sounds, you could run an undervolted 3900X in this thing probably if you used the Noctua L12S (There is a video on it) Lots of potential!
Final specs: 191 mm x 156 mm x 218 mm external dimension. 6.5L
CPU Cooler: 71mm with SFX PSU, 135mm without
GPU: Up to 172mm length (or a bit longer if you're willing to fiddle with it more), max 30 mm heigh over reference size including power connector.
Fan support: Up to 140mm with single slot GPU, Dual 92/80 depending on motherboard clearance
SSD support: 2x 2.5 SSD in place of 92/80 fans. Those handy with double sided tape can find many places to fit them.