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    Mar 19, 2001
    I have a lot of old wood laying around, so I created another wood computer. I tried to refine my design from Project: Reclaimed into a much tighter, cleaner design.
    Core i5 4570TE
    MSI H81TI
    2x 4gb Corsair DRR3 SODIMMs
    ADATA 120gb M.2 SSD
    mini PCIe b/g/n wifi card
    750gb mechanical harddrive

    I'm typically not a fan of of shiny wood, but I did multiple coats of gloss polyurethane, wet sanded, and polished with multiple levels of Meguiar's finishing compounds and glaze. The finish isn't perfect, but I'm overall happy with the end result considering the starting wood condition and my inexperience.

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