Project Aurora V2 56K runaway


Jul 8, 2003

After getting a good 1.5 years service out of my conroe / 7600gs system and with wotlk making the hardware show its age and lagging a bit I decided to upgrade. Frys had a Core 2 quad 8200 with a G31mobo and 4gb ram combo deal which I grabbed.

When I built Aurora V1 I had little free time and lots of money so I rigged/modified whatever I could to make it work and get it running asap.. This time I decided to take my time and do this build right. . Aurora V1 was a Core 2 Duo E6400 with a blue orb hsf riding atop with 2gb ram and a 7600gs all housed in a raidmax Ares case.


The side panel which I reused the window in my new case:

Pic of inside the case:

Ghetto modding at its finest:

After looking at many many cases not only at frys but also online etailers I wasn't satisfied so the diy bug hit... I was after a simple yet classy case with a bit of a clean business look. Turns out I had the case I was looking for all along in the corner of my attic covered with dust, coke.. you name it...

Behold the beige box of terror:

She was a screamer... 266mhz cacheless celeron with 32mb ram and a 4mb agp card riding on a 440lx mobo with a whopping 2gb hdd :D

After looking at it closer I realized it was a well made case with some strength and worthy of building.. it'll hold my fat 200lb ass up while standing on it :p

Of course seeing how it had a full top cover a window wouldnt work well so I had to do something about it...

First I cleaned and prepped the case and decided on this paint:

It turned out better than I thought it would...

Spraying the front panel:

Front Panel finished:

After going to radio shack I decided on what lights I would upgrade it too:

Stamp of when it was made 12-24-1998 with big letters CM stamped in

Painting it:

Finished front panel and case paint

slick :)

What I ended up doing was cutting one side off of the case to make a side panel to allow for a window mod.

setting up the window from my old raidmax case to reuse:

Templates are fun:

Let the hacking begin =D

Drilled out the mounting holes:

Little by little the window becomes a reality:

Almost there:

Not bad for a first casemod :D

Test Fitting the window:

Prepping then onto paint:

After some thought I decided I wanted a blow hole in the top of the case...

Assembling the side panel:

First test fit of the case and side panel together:

Painting the Top cover of the case:

Cutted hole in the top of the case for fan:

First full assembly of the case, testing ccfls and fans:

Testing the blowhole fan:

Mounting bracket for front 120mm fan:

Beginning assembly:

Finished at last!

The Case didnt have any feet so I went to radio shack and bought some pads:

And so you have it.. from a boring beige box to something with a bit of eye candy:

Before: After:

You know you have a serious case when... It weights around 50lbs fully built..High quality Steel ftw

Total Build time: 4 days 6 hours
Money spent: 70$


Limp Gawd
Aug 14, 2004
Very well done man. You definatley had a great foundation, it's surprising what some of these old/mainstream cases offer and you really showed the potential of these. I too, LOVE to mod older cases for fun and experience. Awesome job man, I'd pimp that case in a heartbeat :cool:

Hope this inspires you to do some more, I really dig seeing these types of mods.