Problems with signal strength and Verizon Broadband internet


Jun 12, 2001
Hello. I just picked up a laptop for a client and he wanted to use it to connect to Verizon't broadband internet. He got the Kyocera KPC650 connection card for WWAN:

And because he occasionally has weak reception with his cell phone in his building, he grabbed a pigtail and an antenna:

We got everything in and it all worked the way it was supposed to on Monday. Tuesday the problems happened. The signal strength with or without the antenna is 1-2 bars. what is happening is that the connection will suddenly just go dormant. It will not give a reason or any warning. But the signal just completely disappears. The computer is not moving and I can't figure out what is causing the signal to drop. We even tried mounting the antenna on the roof of the building.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this Verizon Broadband system and what your luck has been with it. I have done some searching and found some antennas and such that might or might not help. I have also looked into cellular repeaters.

Any thoughts on this one?

I wasn't sure if I should put it here or in mobile computing.

The system also fails to work at my client's home. But this is not too surprising since we had one computer that even dialup would not work from his hope address but it would work everywhere else.

He is only getting about 5 or so minutes of decent usage before the signal drops completely. I am going to browse some other forums and see what I can find, but there is VERY little info out there on these systems that I have found so far.


edit: I just found this:

Thanks to HowardForums. It might be a possible solution.