Problems with IPS Black panel technology?

Peat Moss

Oct 6, 2009
I've been looking at monitors with the new IPS Black technology. There are only a few monitors that have it so far, the Dell U2723QE (and larger U3223QE), the HP Z32k G3, and the LG 32UQ85R-W.

The Amazon reviews for the Dell U2723QE are not very good (mostly related to backlight bleed and glow), and the LG 32UQ85R-W has actually been discontinued on the B&H website On the LG website, this model has been discounted.

It made me wonder if there is something amiss with the panel itself. Has anyone heard of any major problems with the new IPS Black technology?
Not heard of any issues beyond usual quality control related variances. There’s some further info and analysis on it from TFTCentral here too

Interesting, I found this from a test site.

"The Dell U2723QE has disappointing black uniformity. There's noticeable backlight bleed along the bottom edge, which is distracting in dark scenes. Sadly, all the local dimming zones are on, so it doesn't change the black uniformity. Keep in mind that the uniformity with local dimming is in HDR because the local dimming feature only turns on in HDR.
The Dell U2723QE has a decent contrast ratio. It's better than most IPS panel monitors because it uses new IPS Black technology, which delivers deeper blacks compared to traditional IPS panels, but they still look gray in the dark. Sadly, the local dimming doesn't do much to improve the contrast because all the zones turn on with most content, including the checkerboard pattern. Keep in mind that the contrast with local dimming is in HDR because the local dimming feature only turns on in HDR."
I have the Dell U3223QE as my work monitor for my WFH set up and the black levels are pretty good, I say they're VA levels but nowhere near OLED levels. The advertised 20% better black levels is accurate, granted I don't do alot of color work.