Problems with cable interconnections


Sep 17, 2006
Living close to the sea is not easy, and even if not as serious as it was about ten years ago, it seems to have returned. And I wonder if I can cure it and/or prevent it this time.

My problem is with the USB sockets on my laptop and with some SATA sockets on my mobo.

The USB one I have been dealing for some time, and I carry on using external adapters where I plug my stuff. Even short cable adapters, that I use to plug my pen-drives, alleviate the problem.

But a new problem, with SATA interconnects, has surfaced and it took me some time to identify it.

I did have SATA cable problems some time ago, that I managed to solve, apparently, by identifying "faulty cables", those that caused problems. But my recent mobo seemed to be impervious to such problems. Seemed.

To make this story short, I could identify that now the problem is not on the cables, but on the SATA sockets. They are probably oxidized or have some thin crust on the metal that is affecting full contact.

My question is: is there a professional or better way to deal with this problem, that can be used on SATA and USB sockets?