Problem with 1080ti founders edition


Limp Gawd
Feb 4, 2012
I got a 1080ti founders edition, a triple monitor setup + VR so I need 4 ports, but I'm having a problem.
The card has 3 DP ports and 1 hdmi port
the hdmi port works ok
and both DP on each side of the hdmi port work ok
but the DisplayPort (closer to the motherboard) was not working with any of my monitors or cables, so I ordered a new cable just to make sure my cable V1.2+ but still didn't work.
So now it is where it gets weird, I decided to try using a DP to HDMI adapter just for the sake of it and it worked, tried another adapter DP to DVI and it also worked, so the DP port is not working with DP cables only.
I'm using 3x Dell U2414H monitors and a Lenovo Explorer VR

What I did so far:
*tried using 1 port at time
*already tested 5 cables
*already tried 3 nvidia drivers
*already tried the DP nvidia firmware update, but my card is up to date already

Anyone using 1080ti founders and all 3 displayports?
Any idea if my card if faulty?

This is the port in question:


Limp Gawd
Jul 24, 2007
I was on my MSI 1080 TI Seahawk card but I have went back down to one monitor.