Private network setup for a work project needed(Ethernet to fiber.


Oct 10, 2003
Hey guys, I have a little project at work that involves converting the following comma path to get the end result I need.

The conversion path goes as follows..

NIC Card 1 DHCP (company network)

NIC Card 2 - STATIC (private network)

Ethernet to Fiber - What IP to route through on NIC2?
Fiber to Ethernet - What IP to communicate with the one above?

NIC2 we use as a backdoor in case NIC1 fails or the coma by network is down, that's why we set it to 10.xx.

I think I am close to getting it working but no luck so far. NIC1 has a gateway since it's DHCP but NIC2 Does not have this option. The Ethernet to fiber converters also request the default gateway but as I mentioned NIC2 is not able to be setup with one. Do I use the one on NIC1 or am I way off?

Any help appreciated!
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