Printer Issue : Canon MX340


Limp Gawd
Jul 28, 2008
So i have a canon mx340, nothing really wrong, it prints fine, scans, faxes, and all. But its slow in some ways because each time i print and after i print, the printer does this cleaning or something where it sounds like its rolling something for 10-15 seconds. Im not sure what its doing, but it seems unnecessary because i might want to print one paper, it will do its cleaning thing twice, then if i print another document, itll do it again.

Does anybody know what is going on when the printer does that? It seems like the printer is cleaning or capping/uncapping the cartridge each time and gets annoying. As you may have also guessed, im not really familiar in the field of printers. Any help would be great!


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2007
In a review of the mp830 they mention something like a
button next to the lcd where one can access
"maintenance and settings". Maybe turn the cleaning
function off there? (Just guessing, I've not familiar with
the printer(s) at all)