Print Kiosk?


Jun 16, 2005
Anyone ever do anything like this?

In our office we have a lot of people that are out of the office a lot and check their email mostly from their blackberries. What they do is they run into the office really quickly and go to their computers in their respective offices and print off what they need.

My idea is to create a print kiosk. What I was thinking about is get one of those all in one computers that have everything built into the display mount it on the wall and have the wireless keyboard and mouse on the counter for them to access Outlook web access to easily print off any needed materials.

The only problem I an running into is that none of these all in ones have mounts on the back to attach it to the wall..

Any ideas? Here are the ones I have been looking at.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 18, 2000
the dell vostro one is nice, been trying to get one here in the office to play with.