PrimeGrid's 2020 Challenge Series


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Sep 23, 2006
The PrimeGrid Challenge Series is an annual competition based on the results of monthly challenges. The purpose of the Challenge is to spotlight a specific project within PrimeGrid's family of projects as well as to offer a little "healthy" competition for PrimeGrid's participants. It is also an opportunity for people to learn more about each specific project and have fun doing it. Below is a tentative schedule for 2020.

I plan to participate in all of the challenges again this year and it would be great if other team members joined in to help give the [H]orde a strong showing in the final results. Happy crunching!

2020 Challenge Series

Date Start Time UTC Project(s) Challenge Duration

24-25 January 0:00:00 321-Sieve International Education Day Challenge 1 day

12-17 March 6:00:00 SR5-LLR Year of the Rat Challenge 5 days

1-4 April 12:00:00 SGS-LLR Sophie Germain's Birthday Challenge 3 days

23-26 June 22:00:00 PPS-Sieve Top Gun Maverick Challenge 3 days

24-31 July 20:00:00 TRP-LLR Summer Olympics Challenge 7 days

3-6 September 0:00:00 PPSE-LLR International Bacon Day Challenge 3 days

20-25 October 6:00:00 PPS-DIV 2020 World Expo Challenge 5 days

18-28 November 18:00:00 CUL-LLR & WOO-LLR Magellan 500th Anniversary Challenge 10 days

21-31 December 13:22:00 GFN-18, 19, 20 Great Conjunction Challenge 10 days


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 1, 2014
This is where I'll be putting all of my effort this year. Not even sure about the pent... I'll see how I feel.