Prime Air Pilots Warn Amazon Shoppers Holiday Package Deliveries May Be Delayed

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    Pilots are retaliating due to unfair treatment and wages, and gift receivers may be directly affected. The company, however, “downplays any possibility of Santa’s bringing gifts late because of the pilots’ woes.”

    With a website and an online ad campaign in Google and Facebook, the union representing the pilots warns Amazon customers that tough working conditions could affect deliveries during the busy holiday shopping season. It’s a move by the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224, to draw these shoppers to prime their cause. Earlier, the union took their case to Amazon executives in hopes they would pressure Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) to hire more pilots and increase their pay. Amazon has leased 20 planes from each of these companies in order to ship items between its far-flung warehouses. It’s an effort that’s dubbed Prime Air.
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    That's a pretty misleading title.

    Prime Air is the auto-pilot drone delivery system.

    This should say air pilots flying cargo plans for Amazon Prime.
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    No, it's isn't misleading at all. Prime Air is their "airline" AND drone delivery system. The heavy haul aspect is operated by Atlas Air which is the same contractor that operates the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter's for Boeing to move 787 parts around the world.