Pretty happy with these Taichi xtx results

Below Ambient

Dec 5, 2001
Bought a used Asrock RX 7900 XTX Taichi on marketplace. Received a BNIB black Taichi for $800. grabbed a Ch341 chip programmer and a Elmore Labs EVC2 SE. It took a lot of work to flash the Taichi to an Aqua 550W BIOS. I then had to get custom configured software for the EVC2. Jon was awesome and after almost a month of tinkering finally have hte xtx pushing 725W with a hot spot of 100c using a Byski waterblock.

pretty happy with some of the marks im getting on HWBot
Nice work. I've only ever used my CH341 for reprogramming motherboard BIOS chips, didn't realize the GPUs can be done the same way externally.