Powering My Monkey.

Love this thing.
Got one for my wife, who cant even find Google without screwing up, and she loves it.
Her phone was always going dead.....now she has the power of the Monkey!!!!:eek:
i've tried charging my zune with a powermonkey. its only worked when the battery was completely dead and the zune could not be turned on. Once the zune turns on, it seems to stop charging.

I have the same problem. If the Zune is off, it displays the charging icon briefly, then automatically turns itself on and stops charging.
I just got a pm explorer. What does the battery image on the screen with the 3 bars in it represent? And the bars to the right of the battery, do they represent the charge level of the pm?

And, is there a memory effect to the pm's battery? Should it be fully discharged before its recharged? Is it ok to top it off? Is it ok to partly charge it one day then finish the charge the next day?

And lastly, can the pm be used on am iPhone with the iPod tip?