Possible for under $30k?


Sep 19, 2004
Hello guys!

Was talking to a friend of mine who's company is on departmentalized Terminal Servers. We got to talking about Hyper-V and Virtualization/Live Migration with Hyper-V R2.
The company is building another location (a sub company of sorts) that will be entirely seperate.
If you only had $25K-30K to spend on servers, SAN, switches and wanted to create 10 HA Terminal Servers that are fairly different and stable (so clustering at VM level is probably best) but not particularly intensive, how would you do it?

They would want Live Migration if possible.
Is it it even possible on this budget?

I was thinking MD3000i + 2 R610s + a cheapish DC, just wanted to get your input. I won't have a good Dell connection to talk to until til next week so I don't know realistic pricing.

Perhaps they should look into DAS? There seems to be about 5% of the documentation out there for DAS vs iSCSI.
SAN would need around 2.5TB or 3TB
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Dec 27, 2007
You can definitely do this for under 30k. We did a fiber setup with a very overpriced solution for 30k. SAN alone was 20-24k IIRC.

MD3000i can be had for about half of list if you're on good terms with Dell. I might push to get one here as a DR piece. 5 grand should net you 3-4TB if you're ok using SATA disks.

There was another thread about pressuring them into a sale. I'd basically say look, I want to buy right now, what can you do for me. Reject the first offer, say it's a little higher than you expected, HP is lower, blah blah blah. It helps if you're ready to pull the trigger right then and there, too.