Pocket Pc/pda


Limp Gawd
Dec 20, 2003
I'm looking for a PDA....for school. I figure with the memory capacity on those things and the addition of a full size foldable keyboard I can drop all that paper i'm carrying around and just take my PDA around campus :) cool huh? Though I think I would need one with the Microsoft pocket windows with Pocket Office. I cant afford a laptop right now :( so thats why i'm thinking about getting one of those. What do you guys think? Which one can I grab for under 200 bones and let me do what I need to do? Does the PALM OS system have something similar for note taking or am I better off going with Windows Pocket edition based PDA?
You won't find a decent PPC for under 200 but you can find half a dozen Palm OS PDAs out there that will let you take notes etc.

Not, however, if you want to add a keyboard which will cost you another 50-70 dollars....