PLP Resolution

Jul 6, 2010
I currently have two 2007FP's mixed with a U3011. I have one 2007 connected with a mini DP to DVI, the second connected with DVI and the 3011 is connected with a mini DP to DP.

I want to run Heaven or Valley at 4960x1600 in windowed mode to stretch them across all three screens. The most I can run in custom is 37x16 that fits two screens but will not stretch across to the third.

Is it my cable's that is limiting my resolution?

I am using a Gigabyte 7970ghz in crossfire. My desktop wallpaper and browser spans all three screens just fine. I can't play a YT video across all three, but I kind of expect that.

Do I just need to wait till I can get an AMD card that will do PLP eyefinity to get what I want?