Please help me find FAST DDR4000 16gb x4 (64gb) set of ram for upcoming ryzen 5950x build


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Sep 8, 2003
Looking for a 4000MT/s 64gb total set of ram... either 16gbx2 (get 2 sets) or 16gb x4 complete set of memory that will do DDR4000 with somewhat tight timings. was going to do 32gb total using some of the Patriot DDR4400 B-Die sets but that capacity will be cutting it too close for my needs. So far, ive been eyeing this ( ) obviously ill be getting 2 sets, but you think this will be good for ryzen or do we thing some new sets will be dropping in the market in the coming weeks for new ryzen cpus?? Please toss me out some options or something better, etc... Thanks


Apr 5, 2010
You can possibly get two sets that are manufactured at different times and therefore be different chips. Say, one can be Samsung and the others are Hynix. It would be more advisable to get a 4x64 (64GB) rather than a two 2x16 (32GB). You are guaranteed that they are all manufactured and tested as the same when buying 4x64-very important. Just my 2¢
Dec 1, 2011
For Zen 3, does the memory clock:infinity fabric timing ratio still change over from 1:1 to 2:1 at memory speeds >3733? If so, then using anything faster could actually be detrimental to performance in some apps:

Though some mainboards apparently do allow you to change this cutoff point, the ability to do so effectively (like most overclock options, of course) is subject to the CPU lottery.

If this is for a gaming box, then RAM speed/timings typically don't have a huge impact on performance anyways (and 64 GB is a huge amount aside from some possible outliers e.g., FS2020)


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Nov 22, 2008
i know its a risk...

It's not a risk at this level lol. At slow arse speeds with ram no one wants yea that could be a real risk. But at 4000mhz highly binned ICs, that's not a concern. The bigger concern which YOU should keep in mind is that you are wanting the highest density sticks and should think about the reality that the IMC will most probably not run anywhere near 4000mhz at that density.


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Jan 7, 2020
Yeah you will not get a 64GB set of memory to run at 4000, and combining 2 32 gig kits will most likely end in failure. A 4 stick set is designed to work together at the speed it is rated at, and combining 2 different kits may end up with different chips or firmware that will not work together. You will want to make sure you pick a 64GB kit off your QVL or will run into problems, and you may be stuck with kits that dont work with your board.


Oct 8, 2005
Not True had 2 2x16 different Kits of B-Die
3900x On Asus CH8 X570 Running at 3866Mhz 1.48v 14-16-16-36-52 trfc 416 GDM-On 1T with 1-1 Infinity Fabric 1933Mhz....
With some more Tuning probably lower timings and volts. These Kits on 2-1 infinity Fab will run 4400mhz 19-19-19 1.5v
G-Skill have newer version of these that time at 4000Mhz 17-17-17 1.4v Probably tighten timings on these real good...
Have 3 other 2x16 kits of B-Die that won't run Higher then 3200Mhz even at 2 Volts!!!
So Zen3 will Probably run 4000 1-1 Infinity Fabric.
People have already talked about 4000 1-1 Zen3.
Also New Micron Dies Clock high even with high density 2x32gb will easy run 3600mhz stock XMP settings on Zen2.
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Feb 15, 2005
I'm also looking at a new 5950x with DDR 4000. I was looking at 64GB and 128GB 4 stick kits and there are more 4x32 than 4x16 DDR 4000. ???

I have 64GB now that is 8x8 1600 I think and I've not been low on RAM even running a few VMs and so on.