Pinnacle AC400


Sep 30, 2013
Just a mini review. I just had to after using these speakers more and more. Frankly, I think these are really amazing little bookshelf speakers for any reasonable secondhand prices. Of particular relevance to the PC community here is that they would easily fit on a desk of reasonable size, so they would make pretty good budget computer speakers. They also pair very well with T-Amps. Currently I am using them in my bedroom. In the living room I have a pair of Paradigm Atom v3's (which are also a good budget second handhand buy, but considerably larger) and Mordaunt Short Aviano 2's (way too large for most desks). Obviously they don't hold a candle to my Beyer T1's... but I don't think many speakers would.

I bought this set at the thrift store for about 20 bucks (Salvation Army is overpriced as hell for a thrift store...). I didn't come in expecting much but for that price tag they have certainly blown me away. I've tried everything from rock to Philip Glass's violin pieces and it reproduces everything with good quality. The violin certainly sings, though perhaps not quite as much as it would on my Atom V3's. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is how much bass they put out for such a small speaker.

I tried them with both a Topping 20mk2 and a Lepai 2020a. Both amps powered them well. Plenty for nearby, good enough to fill a small room. Then again I don't listen too loudly. The Topping produces a great neutral sound with these, but I noticed that Lepai has some strange affinity with them. It produces a really poppy fun sound through them (if I had to describe it). Considering the unusually robust bass in such a small form factor, the Lepai pairs with it well for an unique sound signature. Which is good because Lepai amps are super cheap. Unfortunately I only currently see these speakers on Ebay for 100$. At that price, probably not a good budget buy, but... Hey maybe they'll drop it down.

I didn't see Pinnacle mentioned in the brands in the original secondhand speaker topic I made a very long time ago. So I just figured I'd make another topic. Anyone else got some good experiences like this?