Physically moving your computer makes it run better...somehow.

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    I have an old ass i7-950 computer that is located in the common area of our house for general usage, mostly by my wife, or me while I'm perpetually waiting for my wife to get ready to go literally *anywhere*. I have an equally old ass gtx 560 in it and some PSU I frankensteined out of some other old ass machine.

    Needless to say, this thing is old, and I have no idea how it still works due to the neglect it suffers on a daily basis. Between my computer-n00b wife having 100 tabs open in Chrome, clicking and browsing God-knows-what websites (somehow Windows Defender has done its job wonderfully), and it sitting on the floor with one fan running in a haphazardly slapped-together case, it's a miracle it keeps chugging along. A big issue is it stalls on POST and requires a hard power cycle to get it to continue POSTing successfully (whether it's a reboot or turning on (the workaround is not logical, but trust me on this one)). This has happened for the past 2 years or so, no amount of BIOS upgrades/downgrades or underclocking/undervolting has worked.

    This obviously makes patching a bit of a pain, other than that, I never restart it or turn it off due to the above issue. I was always contemplating replacing it with a new cheap build, but money always goes somewhere else more important. If it's not truly broken, I'm not going to spend money to fix it, and instead my main rig gets more spiffy peripherals like a HOTAS.

    Last week I ran into an issue with another project I am working on (I'd rather not get into details of what the project is, but my sig provides clues). Upstairs, a second rig sitting next to my main rig was having issues running the project. It's a slightly old ass rig, but not quite the old-assedness of the one downstairs. It's an 8320e which served as a streaming/hyper-v workstation, along with running the morally reprehensible project. But, it's been having some glitches while running the project for the past few months - I decided I had put up with it far too long and almost decided to build a new rig.

    But, I have other frivolous things I'd like to buy, so I decided to call the ol' rusty i7 950 up to bat and see if it could perhaps sub for the 8320e rig. I swapped the video cards as the 8320e had a slightly better RX 560 in it. Moved the 8320e downstairs, and the 950 upstairs. That was literally it - graphics card swap, and an elevation change.

    8320e booted up fine downstairs, re-enabled Defender, installed Chrome, cleaned out amd vid drivers, made sure it was using pihole for DNS, bada bing, done. No drama.

    As the 950 staggered up to bat, I sighed and powered it on, fully expecting it to hang on boot, but tenaciously watched the process. Somehow it went through POST perfectly fine, I figured it was a fluke, then sighed again and thought "well, it has an old ssd from 2011 in it, it's gonna take a while to boot into Windows". Before I could even finish that thought, it was sitting at the Win10 login screen!

    WTF? In less than 30* seconds this archaic, rickety, machine booted up! I rebooted it again a few more times as it was a little behind on updates and to test the POSTs. It kept POSTing without issues and seemed to fly right into Windows.

    I'm not sure why the hell that would fix it. And whatever was breaking it did not move to the 8320e system. Some weird gremlin has been defeated, mwahaha. Also, I'm sure a lot of you were dying for an update on the "project' - it's running better than ever on the 950, and even faster than the 8320e did.

    *possible hyperbole due to excitement, either way, POST to Windows was way faster than expected.
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    Change the CMOS battery and reset BIOS settings.
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    You are not the first person to have such problems. Here is a video with some practical solutions:

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    Long live X58.
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    X58 is awesome.

    Glad the machine is working better.
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    enough said, x58 is still an amazing platform and cannot be killed
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