Phone... doesn't get calls... (SGN2/sprint)


Nov 13, 2004
I love my SGN2, really I do, it's the best MID I've ever had, I love the active style, the USBOTG...

...But as of late, it's been the worst *phone* I've ever owned...

I'm sitting here with FULL reception (including 4G LTE) and I just got a buzz notifying me of an email --- a voicemail transcription... I have Google Voice installed and calls should ring both my actual phone app AND my Skype (using my skype-in number)

It's not just sykpe either, I've had issues with the now-defunt Talkatone, GoogleTalkPhone, and MO+ not receiving calls on this device (ringing others first --- Skype in fact first rings my Desktop, then my (deactivated) SGS2, and *last* it rings my SGN2.)

Note: I can PLACE calls fine on ANY app I install, it's just the incoming calls almost never reach me... (I'd say overall I get around 20-30% of my calls)

So, anyone have ideas? Will Hard-reseting it help? (I have a ton of apps and would rather not reset if I don't have to) Is the SGN2 just a bad phone?
(If so, I'm up for renewal, looking at the SGN3, Mega, and LG G Flex --- open to other LTE phones too --- though for now I'd rather hold onto my SGN2 while it works and save my upgrade - and keep my service month-to-month since my bill keeps inching up (from $30 back in '08 to $60 last month)


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 23, 2010
Have you called Sprint yet? I had problems with my incoming calls being forwarded to Google Voice voicemail immediately. Sprint fixed that by resetting the voicemail on their end. After that, I set up Google Voice for voicemail again, and it's been working ever since.