PCIe 8 pin Electrical Connection Check


Dec 31, 2004
So I purchased some 180 degree adapters to clean up the 8 pin cables on my 3090 and I checked continuity. All the grounds are connected together and all the 12 V are connected together. I don't have an issues with the grounds all being connected, but seems odd that the 12Vs are all connected. Is this correct? Unfortunately there are no trusted companies that I could find that make these, just Chinese randomness on Amazon.

As long as the power coming from the PSU is from the same 12V rail it shouldn't matter if the 12V are all bonded in the adapter.
The 12v should be connected together. As mentioned under every normal setup they should be on the same 12v rail. I would just bend the 8 pin cable 180 degrees before using an adapter though.

It's a pretty resilient connector. Even that chineseium adapter is probrably good for 300w or so. I used to run 300w through a single 6 pin and a y adapter.