pci/agp locks?


Jan 3, 2005
Yeah I know agp isn't in use anymore, but I like the combined name. I know my board has pci locks, but I couldn't find any where in the bois to enable them. The motherboard I am using is an Abit ip35-e. So far I am up to 2.5Ghz on my little e4500, I dont want to go any further untill I am sure I am not upping the pci bus(I have an ide hard drive, so its kinda important to not push the pci bus too far).
Another thing I have to know, is this the only board with the double start issue. It is really getting on my nerves, but not enough to want to flash to the beta bios.

Edit: opps, I thought I might just cram this other question in too, if I can. One thing I noticed when trying to stress the cpu a bit before bumping it up was running prima, but I noticed real fast it wasnt running either core past 70%. Is there any benchmark that will run both cores at 100%?