PC Hound Updates 2/25/2015


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May 18, 1997
PC Hound Updates 2/25/2015

  • Product depth has been greatly increased by over 9X
  • Hundreds of search filtering options have been added across multiple part categories
  • The item selection pages now allow you to sort by columns specific to each part category (i.e. $/GB for RAM and $/GB for SSD)
  • New part categories have been added including optical drives, case fans, thermal compounds, sound cards, and networking cards
  • PC Hound now provides wattage estimates for your build and checks power supply wattage compatibility
  • A detail page per product with a direct link that provides quick reference for item specs, price comparison, and price history has been added
  • Many search filters now use sliders for easier input
  • Merchant dropdown list is now sorted by price
  • PCIe slots on the motherboard are now being checked for compatibility with the number of video cards in your build
  • Descriptive mouseover tooltips have been added to many icons
  • Search filters window now stays open as you select your filters and will apply each selection immediately
  • When adding more than one item in a part category, a new menu appears that allows you to replace an existing build items or add a second or third without moving in and out of the build sheet
  • OutletPC has been added as a merchant option however it is NOT turned on by default


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