PC desk recommendations


May 7, 2006
Hi all,

I'm looking to replace my 2 crappy $50 plastic tables with a real sturdy desk. Based on what I've read, the Ikea Galant is very popular amongs us geeks but my local Ikea carries a minimum variety of Galant and to get what I want will cost me a small fortune in shipping.

Do you all know another manufacturer (online or physical) that produces something like the Galant setup below? I live in the Atlanta area.


Many thanks!
The minimum variety of the Galant is due to them replacing the Galant with the Bekant. The biggest thing about the price to these desks is the 10-year warranty you get, which is extremely hard to beat anywhere else. If you want to see Bekant variants the best thing to do is browse the German/UK/Swedish IKEA site.

With that said, Staples has products that are not as good, but similar.
Craigslist is worth a look for used IKEA desks. In 2012, I picked up a used Galant in nearly the same configuration as the one in your post. Mine doesn't have that curved piece on the right side. Cost me only $100. I'm in Atlanta, too. I just had to drive up to Dahlonega to pick it up.

I like the Galant, but prefer the old Jerker desk. IKEA killed the Jerker line several years ago. I'm in the process of replacing my Galant with a do-it-myself desk.
Kinda looks like the one that my friend gave me, he got his at IKEA, but he got it awhile ago.
Haha I just went to the returned department and got the middle L piece for 35$ and picked up some 2$ metal legs :) Good luck on your quest.
I bought two unassuming dining tables from Ikea and put them in my mancave. Damn things are built strong. I wanted something long and wide so I can sit back a ways from my monitors and TV. I put them in a L-shape config. No more of that two foot width crap. 80" x 37 1/2" Heh heh :D