Partition problems fluke or ....


Jul 17, 2013
In a rush I booted up to today to find one of my systems to have weird partition issue. My go to non admin account is missing a partition. However my admin and non admin accounts have this drive under my computer.

TBin I went into disk manager under my non admin account, verified the partition was visible and accessible (it was). Next I changed the drive letter to something unused, and result was that it was now showing up (under my go to non admin account).

I figured a random, rebooted, changed the missing partition back to its original driver letter and just like that, the partition went missing under my computer but still present and accessible in disk management.

- NonAdmin Account has a missing partition.
-This partition is accessible by all other non and admin accounts
-Non admin account with the problem can see the partition under disk mgr, access it.
-Non admin account can change the drive letter and magically has access to it under my comp
-Non admin account rolls back to the old drive letter, and the partition goes missing.