Panel differences between AW3821dw and LG 38GN950?


Limp Gawd
Jul 10, 2007
I keep reading that they are the same panel. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable on displays so, this may seem a silly question, but what exactly does "the same panel" mean? I ask because one is 8-bit + FRC and the other is true 10-bit. One is GSync compatible and one has the GSync module. One has an sRGB mode and one does not. etc. So are those things not related directly to the panel and they still are the exact same panel its just other hardware that is different? Or are they not really the exact same panel and people are saying that without really knowing?

If they truly are the exact same panel, does that mean the coating to the panel is the same as well?

I went to my local Microcenter today and they didn't have either in stock. They certainly didn't have the AW3821DW to check out, and they didn't have the 38GN950 either. However, they did have a 38GL950G which I figured would be "close enough" to be able to get at least a "feel" for it. I'm not sure but I thought the LG 38GL950G and the 38GN950 has the same panel?

I'm one of those folks that likes a bit of "gloss" to my screen to make the colors pop. Not necessarily a full-on glossy screen but I like a little gloss to make those colors pop. Even though the LG 38GL950G that I looked at today is listed as a "Matte" screen I felt it had a nice touch of gloss to it. I actually really liked it. It was just the right amount of "gloss" for my tastes. How does the screen on the AW3821DW compare? Is it more matte? Glossier? Or is it identical to the LG? I'm trying to figure out that if I like the panel on that 38GL950G and the Alienware has the same gloss to it then I'll like that too.

Has anyone had the opportunity to closely compare the LG 38GN950 and the Alienware AW3821DW side by side? I was hoping that if anyone had, they might be able to share their opinion. When it comes to the panel itself (color, glossyness, etc.) are they the same?

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