pandemic laptop recommendations


Sep 29, 2002
Without going into details (because I really can't), I am going to be considered an essential worker should this pandemic get much worse. I suspect that we may find ourselves isolated in a hotel or something just to keep us healthy. Nothing official yet, but I can see what could be coming.

With that in mind, I need to keep my sanity. A gaming laptop while I can still get one might be a good investment. Read that as while I am still able to get one.

I'm not so much looking for a particular brand or model, but what hardware I should try to seek out. I'm not looking for a top end machine by any means but something that can play a good lot of games would be nice. I'm happy without the newest titles - nothing much worth playing yet except doom and I can wait for that.

Do consider that this is a temporary item for me. I'm far happier on my desktop so when this is all over I'll probably sell it.

Thanks guys. Weird one I know, but seems to be the times we live in now.


[H]F Junkie
Jun 13, 2003
Some cheap desktop replacement that focuses on cooling. Also, get an external monitor and use an external keyboard if you can; cheap laptop keyboards are usually trash, as are the panels.

Also, focus on maxing the GPU in addition to cooling. Cooling is what limits performance the most.