p5n-e-sli nf-650i and overclocking


May 25, 2005
i've been looking around for the first "beta-testors" that have been overclocking useing the asus p5n-e-sli with the 650i nvidia chipset .

they have a few over at XS and are overclocking them with various core2 cpu's . other than a few quirks like the dreaded v-droop . the asus don't look too bad . some have hit 503fsb @ 7x. they have said it's stable up to the limit .

the bios shares some of the features of the striker like uber high fsb- seperate ddr-cpu speeds-ect.- but hopefully not the bad bugs-- after a bios update or two (maybe 10 or 20 knowing asus) you may have a very nice overclocking mb for a more reasonable price and sli to boot . we won't know for sure untill more get into overclockers hands but it looking a bit more promising than the 680i's right now .

it has a few little things that need improvement in the bios and the typical asus oddities . but it ain't looking half bad for $129

if any one else is working with this mb overclocking wise feel free to post on it . :cool: