Mar 8, 2021
Hey everybody how's it going ?

Started mining about a week ago and dove headfirst into it. Been aggressively mining 24hrs a day, reading, studying the charts, watching vids etc. I'm really overwhelmed, everyone around me useless, waiting for me to set everything up so they can just throw money at it and expect to make a profit so it's obvious I'm alone in this so was hoping maybe I can get some assistance from the affectionados here.I I will frikkin pay for your tuition at this point.

I've designed several pipelines and trying to automate them tinkering here and there. My biggest problem is that I'm stuck in frikkin ethermine.org I learnt my first harsh lesson: Never work on a mine you can only access with rented rigs (miningrigrentals), because then you have to keep renting equipment to get to the payout duh. So I have like 0.00500 to go to get to 0.01somthing and then let it cash out over next two weeks. Finally I can resume my other activities.

I'm having fun, but I'm making too many mistakes.

Attached are the pipelines I've designed, don't laugh I'm learning :p

I want to buy a good mining machine, I'm willing to invest around 3k-4k I'll probably get consumer-whored into more. Yes I know, even if it generates like 5$ a day I have different perspectives on this, I really want a good machine, but with so many algos and those machines having like 6 month delivery times I mean, what's worth even purchasing anymore ? Or can you just flash the firmware and switch algos ? Because that I can work with.

Anyway let me know what you folks think. Right now my capacity is CPU mining, I have 3 rigs I drag around with me as scouts and then I rent rigs to enhance the throughput. (Except for now where I'm trying to get out of ethermine, but you see, I have a GTX680 so can't mine there, so I 'm stuck with rented equipment grrr)

EDIT: Oh also in case you're wondering the reason I'm using awesomeminer (apart from the fact that i've configured it to jump around pools for XMR/XMY(RandomX/Yescrypt) my laptop being linux and shitty onboard ATI can't connect to NiceHash through the normal means since NHOS=GPU only, so I use awesomeminer to connect it to my pool while the other two units are windows and use the native installer. So basically I'm using SRBminermulti + XMRig.
So I guess first step would be to build a better HQ slash scout. One that could atleast make it to the pools and server as a topper when I need to make it to the payouts.

I guess at the end of the day, do you have a group that mines and chats together realtime or whatever ? I'm just looking for people that are really serious about this.


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Oct 19, 2004
There is a big community with crypto over at Reddit. If you are going to just gamble with your money by jumping headfirst into the murky water you are going to lose in a multitude of ways. There’s no easy button in this realm. It’s one of those spaces that the more you learn you realize the more you do not know. Subscribe to subforums at reddit, watch some crypto movies on YouTube. (Red panda mining and vosk coin seem to be good guys trying to help folk learn — as they learn themselves)

spend some time to learn the arena before you go to battle.
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