Overheating problem in bioshock?


Aug 26, 2003
Anyone experienced that?
Windows told me my card was too hot and it reduced the clock speed to make it cooler (well it was some ati tool).

The messaged pop=up after playing bioshock for 5-10 minutes.

Anyone elese had that problem ?
What card are you using?

How long have you owned it?

When was the last time you've cleaned your case and components of dust?

Not saying this is specifically your problem, but my 6800GT used to sail into the 110C range when playing Eve Online. I couldn't figure out why my temps were so friggin' high until I was installing my new Arctic Cooler HSF. Turns out, my stock HSF was so caked up with dust that it was blocking the air passages alone the fins.

Truth is, games don't cause hardware to overheat. Faulty or malfunctioning components on hardware cause hardware to overheat. Might want to check it out.
X1900XT ...
Maybe 8 months old ... I just moved though so that could have been the problem guess I'll open the case tonight and check it out.

Thanks heh
ok so I cleaned the card, put it back in and started bioshoock.

After maybe 15 minutes it starts artifacting (is that a word?) and I gewt some freeze screen.

I alt-tab and check my temp it's at 91c ... !!!!!

What can I do to fix that?!?
hey i have been playing bioshock a bit this week and have some news as well. Bioshock was flawless the first week on an HIS X1950 Pro AGP and then i downloaded the new 7.9 Cats, which did not work for me (infinite loop with BSOD). This forced me to revert to previous drivers which I could not remember what had been previously installed so I installed 7.4 omega drivers and now after only 5 minutes of play time I get artifacts. I think I am going to try the 7.8 Cats and drop these older omega drivers and see what happens. Also, when these artifacts are produced my GPU temp has been 56-60 and no higher. I did have previous problems with artifacting on Vanguard: SOH, but nothing there either like the temps the OP posted (90+). Is there a quicker way to rid the screen of artifacts than rebooting the system, and or any solutions?
with my x1950pro (AGP version) i would see max temps in the low 70's. bioshock would stress the card even more than any other game/artifact scanner like ATI Tool and Tray Tools or Folding@Home could, and i would see 80C. i would recommend better cooling. how is the airflow in your case?

my card is a single slot, and by removing the cover on the cooler and mounting two 92mm fans on the heatsink i was able to bring the temps down considerably, into the 50s.
you need to properly clean your video card's
thermal paste from the HS and gpu
then re-apply thermal paste and re-seat the Heat Sink (HS) back onto the GPU.
Make sure the fan is properly connected to it's power source.
Make sure the fan is working after 10 minutes of use.
depending on the heatsink you may need some thermal pads for the ram. mine has pads b/t the memory chips and heatsink. there is no way i could or even would put that much thermal compound down. there is probalby a 2.5mm or so gap!