OSX 10.4 - Lock out system preferences for users


[H]F Junkie
Jun 16, 2004
None of us here are really well versed in OSX and we need a way to lock out the system preferences application for users - this is on a (windows run..) domain. Thanks
This is probably not the best way, but it's the easiest. First, change permissions of the folder to allow only read/write/execute by the admin group, then change the owner:group. Open up terminal, type:

cd /Applications
sudo chmod -R 770 "System Preferences.app"
sudo chown -R administrator:admin "System Preferences.app"

NOTE: The "administrator" name should be your login name that you use to administer OS X with, which should also be part of the admin group. If this screws up things too much (it shouldn't), then you can change back by using the commands above and substituting 777 for the 770 and root:wheel for administrator:admin.