Once Upon a Knight - crashes


Jun 25, 2003
My son wanted me to install this game for him, Once Upon a Knight, says it requires DX9.0 drivers ( I have them). I tried changing the game settings around via the configurator, but nothing seems to help. I tried un-overclocking my system, reinstalling all drivers, nothing makes it better.

my stystem:
5900U, 3200XP nForce2 system (ASUS deluxe with 1007 bios), soundstorm, 1.5GB XMS DDR (512x3), WD 80GB 7200, Enermax 550W, Windows XP Pro - tried updating drivers - et al. tried 5303, 5216, 4523 and even 56:55 WHQL beta drivers...

Game barely boots, resets or hard locks computer during loading.

Anyone play this game and/or hear anything about it? I checked the games website but there are no patches for it.