Older card squealing (no fan on the hs)


Mar 11, 2001
I'm just curious if anyone knows why this does this. A while ago I had to take a gf2mx out of my spare/server system because it started making an annoyingly high pitched squeal(from a passively cooled heatsink). Trying it in my other system, the sound went away and the card functioned fine. Sticking a different videocard in the server worked fine so it has nothing to do with the agp slot/motherboard. Does anyone have any ideas why it was doing this/still does this in the server? It's currently running in a 3rd system without any problems doing opengl/directx. My ears are still ringing from 20 minutes ago when I retested with different ram. :

and a little more off topic...the server was having rebooting issues with the mx in there also...but I finally found the culprit to be the ram. Swapped it out with the ram in another computer and both systems are passing memtest without any errors. Then again, in the other system it's only seeing 128 of the 256MB. Will have to try it in the last (of 3) SDR systems to verify it's the ram at fault. Different videocard, different ram...what's next? Harddrive? :(