Old-school Zenith Cruisepad


Limp Gawd
Nov 2, 2004
Ok my question is this...

I have 2 of these old Zenith Cruisepads.


I have Googled to hell and back and cant find any mod, hack, or any technical info about them anywhere that is of any use. I hacked my way into the Cruisepad itself and got the dev list out of it, no easy task in itself, and backtracked all names on that list through google till I found an email of some dude in Timbuktu. I wrote him and asked him for any help or info he might have and he said there was no resources that he kept from when he was working with Zenith on this project. Oh well. At least I got to chat with on of the dev team.

So I ask you. Has anyone ever successfully hacked one, or any part out of it and made it work with anything at all?
Wow, what great potential as a home theater computer remote, and I found a source for them. Excellent...
Well let me know if you end up getting!

Even though the parts are old I am sure there just has to be a way to embed Linux in there somehow.

I think right now there is a flavor of CE in there but i'm not even sure it existed back then.

I just don't have the cable to connect it to my pc, and the wireless is useless. I believe it's the old 802.1 spec running the proxim chipset, but it's been awhile since I been inside one so it's a little foggy.

If anyone wants me to take some hi-rez macro-picks of the guts and host them for me so I can post them here let me know.