Old School Gamer Style Case Recommendations


Jan 26, 2024
How's it going everybody. So, i'm old. The cases I like are more from late 2000's to 2015 (i think) era. I currently have an Antec 900 which I have a special bond with, but it has some issues that i need to figure out if it's worth fixing.

So, to start, the Big Boy 200mm fan on it started making a noise that was annoying the hell out of me and I unplugged it from the mobo. There were at least used and spare ones being sold online 3,4,5 years ago, but not anymore I found.
The two front 120mm (I think) fans are moving very slowly i noticed over time, so those need to be replaced. And i'm not sure how easy it will be to get very similar replacements with the same lighting and everything.
I've also had to tear out the front I/O panel due to either spilling liquid on it and having to clean it up or some loose button or component. I can't remember which. And it works fine for now, but i know it can't take much more messing with that panel if something happens to it again.
Last thing is that i'm concerned about the USB 3.0 ports on it, front and back. Because i'm seeing all the new style cases all use basically 3.2, and some do it via USB C which I don't use regularly.

For the decision of purchasing a similar case of the same style (thinking CM Storm Enforcer, CM MasterCase Pro 5, Thermaltake Element S, CM HAF's, Antec 1100, etc), none of them look like they're available for a decent price, if at all. I absolutely hate the new minimalist designs like the Fractal's and the pretty much all glass-paneled cases.

So ultimately, i'm torn between the decision of getting a different one in a hopefully better condition of a similar style or fix up my current one. What's everyone's opinion on this?
That case has blue led fans if I recall. I had one a long time ago. Anyway, 2 120mm blue led fans are easy to find. Corsair, Cooler master and random off brands available from 8$ and up apiece. Thermaltake has a 200mm blue led fan on Amazon for $15. I’m sure you could wrestle a replacement in there or go with a 140mm maybe.

So 40-50 bucks in fans or a different case seems to be the choice here. If you love the case replace the fans. USB ports on a case are nice to haves but a hub or using the ports on the mobo are what I do. I’ve even installed rear usb ports off the internal motherboard headers since they are cheap, easy, and outdated case ports don’t matter when doing this.
I'd say replace stuff or modify your current case to suit your needs if you can. If you find an older case you like at a decent price and you can modify it if needed then it's worth considering. I wouldn't bother with the CM Mastercase stuff unless everything you want is included; they missed on their own idea and quit producing the optional/spare parts pretty quickly (n). Phanteks is the best you'll get from currently produced cases (from what I've seen).
I can dig the emotional attachment. I have some 200 mm fans you can have just pay shipping.
One of them may well be from an Antec case. I think I had one of the 900's back in the day.
Take a pic of your fan and PM me.
I have the Asus Tuff GT501 and i like it alot. If had to change anything it would be the power supply shroud or what folks call the abasement. Its plastic and not rigid metal and so it has some give under the weight of a video card support post if you go that route. Not enough to be a problem mind you but , still its that.

Phanteks is the best you'll get from currently produced cases (from what I've seen).
Yep, I highly recommend the Phanteks Enthoo-Pro. It's the best you'll find for both quality and something that embraces the best of new and old. I've used them in several builds, including one of my own x99, e-atx, sli builds. Other than availability of the black, non windowed version, they are usually easy to find. Which coincidentally comes with a single 200mm in front if that's something you still favor OP. The stock fans are solid as well. Fits any tower heatsink and its easy to catch on sale for a bill or less pretty regularly. Or at least it used to. It's been a couple of years since I bought one.
I used to have an old NZXT Apollo, and wow, it sure had a nice shape. In addition to the nifty side-window-fan, it had a nicely curved top-front area, making it incredibly nice to put my foot onto. Perfectly ergonomic foot-rest, and ever since, I've always preferred a case with an ergonomic shape to it, such that I can put my foot up on it.


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