OC 8800 questions


Jun 17, 2004
I have a 8800 640mb card and I am wondering what the best ways to OC is, currenlty I just use ATI tool and when needed OC it, most games I don't need to so I can save a bit on extra heat.

Running at 630/930 I have maxed at 75c heat, I have yet to hear the fan turn up on high but would like to be able to control the fan speed, it sounds like RivaTuner can do that.

Not sure if I should set the bios to the OC or just keep oc it with ati tool when needed.
I used ATiTool to check for artifacts during the overclock and carried over those settings to RivaTuner for 3D mode. I also setup Fan profiles in Rivatuner so that its 100% for 65C or over. I have other profiles that are silent and slightly audible for other situations. Keeps my chip pretty cool and I game with headphones so doesn't bother me