NVME Noise?


Jun 10, 2015
I finally got around to upgrading my computer, and as part of that, I purchased a pair of WD SN750 NVME SSDs. I initially put on in my laptop to test, and noticed that whenever I was doing anything with drive transfers, there would be a rather noticeable hissing sound coming from the SSD. Getting the motherboard and CPU for my desktop, I put one of them in, and anytime there is disk activity, there is a high-pitched noise, and if it is heavy enough, sounds like screeching. This strikes me as unusual, so what is the advice here? To get two doing pretty much the same thing does not bode well in my mind, though I have not seen anyone complain about this issue on any of the reviews I have found.


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Mar 26, 2008
Best you can do is RMA them and maybe try a different brand/model. Like it was said, nothing you can do about coil whine.


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Nov 19, 2008
It could be coil whine on your laptop or one or more of the SSDs. Coil whine is caused when the electrical power required (this is a variable) from a device or combination of devices causes coils (in this case a part of a switch mode power supply) to resonate in an audible frequency. The noise is highly dependent on the electrical load and the combination of components used between the power circuitry of the SSD itself and the power circuitry of the laptop. In desktop power supplies there is often dampening material added to coils to reduce the chances of this however I am not sure much can be done in the small spaces in either a laptop or NVMe SSD.
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