Nvidia's Project Denver CPU, finally some details


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Oct 22, 2000
From Anandtech:

... We don't know much about Denver other than it's a custom 7-wide superscalar 64-bit ARMv8 design.

NVIDIA claims very high single and multithreaded CPU performance. It's important to note that the Denver version only comes with two cores, something we've argued is likely the more optimal use of die area in mobile. Max frequencies top out at 2.5GHz. Given that NVIDIA has silicon back already I suspect this is a 28nm design. The L1 cache is 128KB + 64KB (I$ and D$?).

The main differences vs Cortex A15 are larger caches, higher clock speeds and wider execution engine. After so many years in development (5 years, according to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang), no benchmarks suggest that spec hype is the best thing going for it. ;)

Some AT speculation: http://anandtech.com/show/7622/nvidia-tegra-k1/2
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