Nvidia Surround and Sync Polarity How To

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    After battling with my new Nvidia Surround setup for 10 hours today in an attempt to get it to work, I thought I would post my working process so that others may have less trouble. I've got one Acer X233H screen and two Acer G235H screens. They have identical specifications except for one crucial difference: sync polarity. The X233H is +/- while the other two are +/+. That one difference has cause me more headaches than any of my experiences with Eyefinity, but I believe I've finally found my working process.

    The Problem:

    You're attempting to get Nvidia Surround working on your shiny new setup. You bought your monitors at different times, however, and you could never determine the sync polarity since most manufacturers don't list it. Now when you go to set up Surround, it either doesn't work at all or it defaults to first resolution that has the same polarity, which is usually ridiculously small and the wrong aspect ratio.

    The Solution:

    The idea is to trick Nvidia into thinking you have the same monitors, by forcing one of their drivers on the other two. I do not recommend trying this unless you're sure the monitors are extremely similar, such as my Acer's from above. If you mess up your monitor by putting a different manufacturer's driver on it, you do so at your own risk. With that said, here's the steps:

    1. Download MonInfo. Open up this tool, and find the monitor you want to use in the top left dialog area. Select it and then choose File > Create INF to export a driver from the monitor. Save the file in a folder that has no other INF files, preferrably a new directory.
    2. Install the latest Nvidia drivers (I used 301.42 WHQL) as a clean installation. Basically, we need to clear any Custom Resolutions and settings you may have created if you've been trying to fix this prior to starting these steps.
    3. Reboot.
    4. Go to the Device Manager and find your monitors. Regardless of how they're listed, Right Click and uninstall each of them one by one. After they've all been removed, Scan for Hardware Changes so that Windows will put Generic PnP monitors in their place. What you want to do here is the important part. For each monitor, Right Click and choose Update Driver. Go through whatever steps you need to in order to get to the Have Disk menu, and select that you have a disk. When the Browse window opens up, navigate to the INF file you created earlier. Windows will complain about the driver not being signed (of course it isn't, you made it!), so make sure to click allow/accept on any prompts that show up. Repeat this process for each of your monitors until the Device Manager shows them all as the same monitor, which was 'G235H EDID Override' in my case.
    5. Reboot.
    6. Open up your Nvidia Control Panel and go directly to the Surround setup, and choose configure. If all went well, Surround should now be working and correctly configurable.
    7. If Surround didn't work after this then try repeating the process, except use a different monitor as the driver to base your other monitors off of. I attempted to use the X233H driver for my other two monitors first to no avail, while using the G235H driver instead worked perfectly. Sometimes it just takes tinkering.

    Well, that's about it. These were the steps I followed to get around Nvidia's ridiculous requirement for identical sync polarity, which can be different even if you have the same exact model monitors that have manufacture dates that are only months apart. I hope this helps others out there struggling with this issue, and good luck!

    Credit goes to ReverendUK of the WSGF whose original process was of invaluable help in achieving my own slightly different order of operations.
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    First, thank you for posting this guide. It's been a big help... but I'm still not exactly where I want to be.

    It seems the drivers didn't "take" after a second reboot and I was back at square 1, probably due to the drivers being unsigned =(
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    A trick I had to do to get my monitors to sync up was to just manually set the refresh rate on each monitor. After I forced the refresh rate to lets say 60.01hz in the nvidia control panel it allowed me to go to the full 7680x1600 I could go up to.
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    Sorry to dredge this back up, but it seems to be the only thread I've found where people can seem to get this crap working. But I'm on win8 and the monitor.inf that comes out of moninfo will not install. How do I get around this.

    I'm about ready to just sell this stupid 690 because nvidia drivers are dogshit when trying to get surround to work. I've been working on this for over a month now and still can't get the surround to work.
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    Dec 13, 2002
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    May 21, 2016
    win 7 ultimate 64 bits.

    When doing this method in the tep about updating the drivers and forcing through the .inf file windows wont even acknowldge the .inf file previously created.

    If manually forcing the installaion through the .inf file tself a message will pop up saying the .inf file is not compatible with this method of installation.

    What gives?

    I wish nvidia would be clear about the crappy surrounbd requiring same polarity and that its just better to have the same brand and model.