NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super Series to Launch July 2nd [Rumor]


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
According to Videocardz, NVIDIA is set to announce GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, 2070 SUPER and 2060 SUPER on July 2nd. Reviews for the 2070S and 2060S will appear on that date as that is when the embargo lifts. Reviews for the 2080S are being held back until an undisclosed date in July.

Interestingly, NVIDIA has decided to postpone the review embargo for custom cards to July 9th. It should be said as it is, it is a very bad decision, which will affect the sales of AIC cards. The criticism is justified and we are probably the only site that can tell you this right now (because everyone else is under embargo). It is not only anti-consumer, whose opinion will be based on Founders Edition cards only, but also anti-partner behavior.
What I want: a 2080 and 2080 Ti without RTX cores at price points similar to the 1080 and 1080 Ti founders launch prices, with an 8 to 12% performance boost over the standard 2080 and 2080 Ti's currently available at higher pricepoints, but with those 1st gen RTX modules attached. What I expect: 8 to 12% performance improvement with RTX cores at the same price points we've got today, meaning Nvidia is just OOTB overclocking todays current cards so they can keep forcing people to buy those shitty RTX gen 1 modules for another 12-18 months before debuting RTX2 since they can see those AMD cards aren't punching high enough.