Nvidia Fakes the Moon Landing

Do you also look at both sides of the flat earth debate? Or vaccines? It's ok to summarily dismiss the opposition if their stance is complete and total absurdity. We dont need to give "both sides" equal opportunity in some cases.

So I already responded to you, and said you can summarily dismiss some things - like flat earth, and I could do so based on my own experiences telling me otherwise (being in the ocean with no land in sight, flying internationally, telescope and planetarium viewing, -- and then I got to thinking as that day progressed....... Why can I summarily dismiss the flat earth theories, when I've never even really heard them. I was fairly ignorant to them, and it was hypocritical of me to say I could dismiss them. So I pulled up a 3 hour video, where the President of some Flat Earth Society organization gave an interview and laid plain the premises of the flat earth theory over the course of those hours.

Now I can actually dismiss their arguments - because they were nonsense, and mostly emotional in nature vs. technical in nature. But it wasn't fair of me, or intellectually honest of me to summarily dismiss their theories without the knowledge of what they actually were.