Noob/idle miner question


Limp Gawd
Dec 18, 2006
I have been running NiceHashMiner v2.0.3.1 beta for a while. Never through much about it. Only running while idle..,,have only a few hundred USD worth over the last 18 months...not really worth it, but no cost, so why not.

Its been running on my one and only main rig, but with them pushing everyone to NiceHash Miner Legacy, in the news it said they have no control over (if I remember right) 3rd party algorithms, and we should not run it on machines with private/confidential information. Well, that would be my main machine; work, personal, photos, etc etc. Is it really a worry with NHML? Was it a risk with NHMv2?

I did limit it to daggarhashimoto/san jose as it seemed to be the best and not as much gpu heat.

If I really shouldn't be running it on my machine, will try to cash out.

From what I understand, on Sept 10, they are migrating to the new platform and NHMv2 will no longer work.