Noisy Raid Harddrive on A8N-E


Limp Gawd
Jun 16, 2005
OK so i have 2 seagate SATA 80gig NCQ drives on a raid0 (striping) runing on an ASUS A8N-E mobo (nforce4). The drives are loud as hell! They sound like a rusty bicycle chain when they are working. i exchanged one of them cause i thought it was a manufacturing problem but even with the new drive, they are still screaming.

I used seagate tools (seatools) to test the drives but nothing is wrong with them. THe odd thing is that when i do a quicktest on the drives individually, they are quiet. But when i do a quicktest on the raid, the high pitched screams start resonating from them.

Since i bought the drives online, its a pain to return them. What do you guys suggest i do? Could it be the chipset has something to do with it?

Also do you know of a windows program that can test the drives individually, cause all windows sees is the single raid drive.

Im posting this thing on the HDD forum also.