No volume control through HDMI-CEC?


Limpness Supreme
Feb 8, 2005
I just bought a Sony A8H to replace our ancient TV. I can't get the Xbox One to send any volume commands to it via HDMI-CEC or the TV to accept any via IR. (IR out on Xbox connected directly to IR-in on TV.) Power on/off works just fine through the Xbox. It's just volume that's wonky. I'm not a TV guy - I just plug it in and fiddle around in menus until I see something that looks right. Surprisingly, the A8H's menus, despite being among their higher-tier of televisions, are rather sparse.

Can anyone recommend some troubleshooting steps for me to follow?

edit: OK, so apparently I don't HAVE HDMI-CEC on the XBox. That explains why THAT doesn't work. Now to track down how to get IR-In to work...
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