Nintendo Switch LABO


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 6, 2006
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Got them for our son. He loved putting them together. He’s a very by-the-instructions guy though, and once they were built, he doesn’t do much past that.

The kits are very well done. The to tinkering/Garage part is very well done (I just wish I could get my son into it). That feature is where the kit is really worth it or not to someone.

7/10 was a lot cheaper than more Legos. Easily fixed with duct tape. Endless customization.
Thanks Brian_B . The robot pack looks fun, but from the videos a long time to assemble and flat game play.
Yeah the robot is kind of a one and done thing. Looks really cool, and could be fun if you have two of them with younger kids. But on it's own is kinda meh.