Nikon D850


Jun 13, 2003
I will not be- but I'll certainly recommend it once reviews clear it and first buyers report that it is free of the typical Nikon manufacturing defects.


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 24, 2001
I think it's another in a long line of too much.

Don't get me wrong. It's an incredible camera, if you don't have a system and you want to buy now, it's probably the one to get (provided you want a dSLR over a mirrorless system). But I think there is basically zero incentive for someone with a D810 to upgrade. Or a D750 for that matter. I think we've out-stripped what is necessary for a while now. And yes while the technology keeps getting better, I think we've been hitting diminishing returns for a while. It's for the hardware obsessed, because I don't think its improvements will make it a noticeably better tool.

On the upside though, if you're on team Nikon there will be a bunch of D810's on the used market for cheap!


Sep 27, 2005
Thinking about it? Sure... it'd be nice to get, but as UnknownSouljer said, very little desire to upgrade from my D800. If I was making bank on my hobby, then perhaps I'd be all over the latest and greatest, but as it is, I don't shoot enough to justify a purchase like this right now. The price is great, though.

If I had a spare $3k, I'd probably invest it in glass than a new body.


Mar 30, 2008
My time frame for possibly upgrading to a D850 would be about 6-9 months from now. I'd sell my D610 to a friend to help reduce the cost. I'm not so sure now. A D500 has the same pixel density as the D850 and would be perfect for the birding photography I want to dabble in. I'm still kicking myself because I didn't grab the $1800 "D500 + Nikon vertical grip" offer available a few months ago. Seems like a steal now. Probably won't happen until later next year after Nikon feels that everybody pays the +2 fps tax on the D850.

+2 fps tax? Yes, there is also the $940+ dollar "tax" added to the cost of a D850 if you want to increase the fps from 7 to 9. You need to buy a vertical grip, use the beefy EN-EL18b battery, which requires a battery chamber cover, and the completely ridiculous $370 battery charger. That's nearly half the cost of a D500 camera that shoots 10 fps with just a single EN-EL15 battery. No vertical grip needed.

/sigh. Maybe I'll win the lottery.