NIC supporting Jumbo Frames 9000 MTU

Discussion in 'Networking & Security' started by trueimage, Jan 5, 2008.

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    I'm looking to pickup 3 identical NICs and use 2 in Win XP and eventually Vista boxes, and one on my NAS (unRAID) in linux.

    My current setup involves a Cable Modem into my WRT150N router running DD-WRT, and then Cat 6 running out to a Gig-E switch (Netgear GS108 v2) which connects via Cat 6 to the 3 PCs. The router also connects directly to a vonage box, PAP2 I think.

    Now, the GS108 switch supports Jumbo Frames with a 9000 MTU AFAIK.

    This is a list of NICs known to work well with the unRAID software:

    # Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (At least one report of this being broken)
    # Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
    # Netgear GA311 Gigabit Ethernet
    # Realtek Gbit - RTL8169S-32 chip
    # D-Link DGE-528T Gigabit Ethernet

    I was leaning towars the Netgear GA311NA, because I like netgear products and I assumed they would work well together easily.

    However, I can't find anything on netgear's website or newegg or ncix etc that says it supports Jumbo Frames.

    This really is a must, as I'm serving large video files and copying stuff around a lot (4.5GB - 15GB files)

    I want to get the best performance out of my network so that I'm not swearing at it (as I am right now, it is too slow.)

    So, does the GA311 support Jumbo Frames with an MTU of 9000?

    If so, is it a decent NIC?

    If not what is my best choice?

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