New setup help | Receiver & studio monitors


Jan 21, 2008
I am in need of a new setup. I am looking at getting a good receiver and a pair of nice studio monitors. Ideally I would like a nice sub to go with it as well.

Any suggestions as to what is a good choice without breaking my wallet either.


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Jun 11, 2004
Why studio monitors, if I might ask? I don't think there are any monitors out there that offer more for the money than the speakers you'd find from manufacturers like AV123/Onix, Polk, Paradigm and so on. Unless you really want so-called "linear response" (which will mean approximately nada once you set them up in your typical, no-doubt nasty-sounding room), just look for standard home theater/music bookshelves.

Besides which, most monitors you'll find are self-powered, negating the need for a receiver.

If you want something simple, there's always the active Audioengine A5s, which are a bit like studio monitors but without the unnecessary emphasis on linear frequency response and with a plain-Jane 1/8" stereo input. If you want to spend a bit more, pair a set of Onix x-ls Encores with an Onkyo or Harman Kardon receiver (or perhaps a Panasonic XR-series receiver).

Mr. Wolf

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Oct 8, 2006
Want a fantastic PC audio setup? Keep reading!

x-ls Encores from ($299-$349; B-stock/discontinued x-ls originals are cheaper)
BIC Acoustech H-100 subwoofer from eBay store Sound Distributors ($240-ish with Best Offer)
Panasonic SA-XR57 from ($250-$275)

How do I know that it sounds fantastic? It's MY system. I added an x-cs Encore center speaker ($249).

Hope this helps! :)