New pfSense build


[H]F Junkie
Sep 25, 2003
Put together a new pfSense box this week. Basically a DIY SYS-5018A-FTN4, but saved about $120 putting it together myself.

Wiring was a real pain with the PSU location, but it ended up OK. Added a couple 40mm fans as the stock configuration has none besides the PSU.

Couple of tips for anyone building a similar system:
Follow the instructions in the manual for DIMM slot usage priority. My board wouldn't boot with a single stick of RAM in the secondary slot.
The connector for the front on/off switch and activity lights must be oriented as seen in my photos. It looks backwards, but it's not.

Supermicro CSE-505-203B Chassis/PSU
Supermicro MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O MotherBoard/CPU
Supermicro MCP-220-00044-0N HDD/SSD bracket
Kingston KVR16LSE11/8KF RAM
Intel 530 Series 120GB SSD
Scythe Mini KAZE 40mm SY124010L (2)



Mar 15, 2002
fans are the wrong way, should be pulling from the front of the rack and blowing out the back.

also mounting them flush against a grill or pattern like that will cause more noise as the blades of the fans cut the air.

I have almost that same setup but an older d525 board from them, had to make some changes right after I got it.

I taped up allot of the open venting and forced the air to go front to back. With silent 40mm fans an ambient temp around 80f where it sits, it only runs about 140f cpu peak, which is acceptable for the atom d525.